Viruses don't just hit big business, but they can seriously harm small one's.

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With WannaCry ransom virus crippling the likes of the NHS, major organisations are feeling the full effect of the ransom virus. But smaller businesses are also at risk. Here's how we combat these issues. 

Hundreds of thousands of devices have been effected by the WannaCry outbreak. The fact that it has hit big business is the real reason that it has become big news. With many small businesses suffering from the attack as well, it is likely it could put many companies out of business or create a heavy dent to their day to day workings. To this date, Bitdefender antivirus has been successful at protecting systems and devices from this attack, and Lumic make sure that all our supported customers have the latest version of Bitdefender/Malware software installed at no extra cost.

We identified several years ago that Bitdefender was the right solution for protecting our customers machines and systems, and as part of our business working model made sure we installed it for all supported customers for free. 


Do not let your business fall victim to these attacks and make sure you iron out vulnerability within your business infrastructure from not only these ransom viruses, but malware as a whole. Bitdefender can help protect you from these threats and if you would like any information on how we can help keep your business by installing Bitdefender for free, then please contact us today on 020 3301 3600 or contact us here.

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